Twitter is making its desktop web app a progressive web app too

September 6, 2018

Twitter is bringing a huge change to its desktop web app in the coming months. As per an announcement made on the eponymous site, the desktop web app will be replaced with the current progressive web app offering. Twitter now offers that as its Windows 10 app, as Twitter Lite on Android apps, and for mobile dot Twitter dot com, and now — the desktop web.

The desktop web app will see many new changes for users unfamiliar with the mobile offering. Bookmarks support will now be available, allowing you to save tweets to refer back to later. As it is a progressive web app, you’ll be able to resize the app to any size and get a  usable experience.

Twitter is enabling this new interface for “a small number” of users today. For the rest of you, this app can be accessed on or via the Microsoft Store.

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