[UPDATE] Twitch streamer Alinity cleared of animal abuse allegations

by Ash
August 2, 2019

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Following an investigation by the Saskatoon SPCA, Twitch streamer Alinity has been cleared of all allegations of animal abuse.

The Saskatoon SPCA posted a statement on Facebook, in which they stated that “The actions depicted in each incident were not malicious in nature and the animals appeared healthy and well.”


The post was met with backlash, with one commenter saying “Glad to know alcohol Is now an acceptable cat-based diet. Thanks, SPCA for clearing up the confusion. While we are at it, I’m also thrilled to hear that throwing animals is justified now as well.”

Another said “Just because there was “no malicious intent” doesn’t mean it wasn’t reckless… If you give vodka to your child, child services will take the child away, regardless of intent. If you’re reckless and stupid, that’s just as bad as having malicious intent.”

Alinity received no form of suspension or ban from Twitch.

Original post continues below:

Natalia ‘Alinity Divine’ Mogollon, a popular streamer on Twitch, has had a formal cruelty complaint filed against her with the Saskatoon SPCA after physically throwing her cat during a stream.

In the clip of the stream, which has now gone viral, Alinity is shown playing Apex Legends. Her cat, Milo, appears to start stepping onto her keyboard, at which point the streamer lifts Milo by the stomach with both hands and physically tosses him backward, over her head.

A concerned viewer on Twitch asked Alinity what she was doing, to which she laughs and replied, “I didn’t think anyone would notice it.”

Subscribers of the subreddit r/LivestreamFail took to the site to call for the streamer’s account to be banned. Many commenters pointed out that Alinity’s behavior and actions against her cat imply that there may be a deeper issue.

In fact, this apparently isn’t the first time Alinity has engaged in harmful acts against animals.

A clip from an older stream, which has now also gone viral, shows Alinity drinking some vodka and then convincing her cat to lick the alcohol from her mouth. The high alcohol content in vodka means that it can be extremely toxic and potentially fatal to cats.

A third clip shows Alinity kicking her dog. The dog appears to be playfully chasing one of Alinity’s cats and Alinity, while lounging in a computer chair, kicks the dog in the chest and shouts “No!”

Other clips also show Alinity sticking something to her cat’s face. Alinity holds the cat still while forcing the object down on the cat’s face, before turning back to her camera and laughing about the situation. The cat remains on the chair in a terrified and defensive position, with the object still on its head.

Alinity took to Twitter to defend her actions.

As of publishing, Alinity’s Twitch account is still standing with no suspensions or bans imposed on her.

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