How to turn off “Updates from more than one place” in Windows 10

One of Windows 10’s most interesting and controversial new additions is a new torrent like delivery system. This system serves to allow users to download an update- either a system update or an app update – and then “share” parts of that update to other systems on their network.

It is good for speeding up downloads and updates to PCs on your personal network, but there are concerns. Essentially, people are not necessarily happy to be using some of their data on metered systems or similarly capped internet to download updates for other PCs.

Similarly, if one chooses to share to PCs on “My Network Only”, this may be fine if you’re at home and using your own data plan, but if one were to connect to a strangers network or a public area, the situation would be different.

That is not to mention the privacy concerns this raises (legitimate or not)  it is understandable why some users would prefer to not have to deal with this at all.
Here’s how to turn off “Updates from more than one place”

  1.  Open Settings and Navigate to Update and Security
  2.  In Windows Update, select the Advanced Options Submenu under Update Settings
  3. Select the option “choose how updates are delivered”in the Advanced Options Sub-Menu
  4. Under Updates from more than one place, select whether you want it to be on or off.
  5.  If it is “On” (as it is configured to be by default on some machines), it would be advisable to pick “PCs on my local network” assuming your PC is home based and you know exactly what PCs and devices are connected to your router at all times.
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