Trip Tracker is a new Microsoft Garage app that will record your travel path


Microsoft Garage today released a new app called Trip Tracker that automatically records your drives, runs, and bike rides. Simply start running, biking, or driving, and Trip Tracker will record your path. Trip Tracker runs in the background and listens for new activities without affecting much of your device battery life. Trip Tracker is built by the team that brought you Arrow Launcher and Next Lock Screen. It is built using Microsoft’s Location and Observation Platform, LOOP. LOOP is an Android and iOS SDK that provides location insights and analytics for your app. Learn more about it here.


1. Automatic trip tracking
2. Start and end time, duration, and path for each trip
3. Battery efficient location tracking
4. Support for multiple activities including drives, walks, runs, and bike rides.

For now, this app is available only on Android. Download it here from Play Store.