Trill, A New High-Performance Streaming Analytics Engine From Microsoft Research


27, 2015

MSR Trill

Trill is a new high-performance streaming analytics engine from Microsoft Research. This new system can process data two to four times faster than today’s streaming engines. It was named for the “trillion events per day” it can process, is a single-node .NET engine library, which means any .NET application, service or platform can easily include it and start processing queries.

Trill, a new high-performance streaming analytics engine developed by Microsoft researchers, can process data at two to four orders of magnitude faster than today’s streaming engines, well, now you’re getting into “wow” territory, especially considering Trill is just a .NET library:

  • As a single-node engine library, any .NET application, service, or platform can easily include it and start processing queries;
  • A temporal query language allows users to express complex queries over real-time and/or offline data sets; and,
  • Trill’s high performance across intended usage scenarios means users can get results significantly faster than before.

“Prior systems have only achieved subsets of these benefits, but Trill provides all of these advantages in one package, so to speak.” says Badrish Chandramouli, one of the Microsoft researchers who developed Trill.

Read more about it here.

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