Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp to raise prices of Xbox Live games in UK by 10%

tsbcThis week’s Xbox Live Game is Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp, and Electronic Theatre claims the title will debut a new price range for Windows Phone 7 games in UK, with the game launching at £2.49, rather than the traditional £2.29. 

In the absence of a major currency fluctuation the near 10% increase in the cost of an Xbox Live game is difficult to explain, especially when the games remains $2.99 in the USA. The conversion means the game costs nearly $0.95 more expensive in UK.

Electronic Theatre claims the increase represents a new low tier, rather than an isolated game which is more expensive. Given the current economic climate in UK it is likely this price increase will simply mean less games get sold in what is likely the second biggest Windows Phone market, which will only hurt Microsoft’s developers.

Via Electronic Theatre