Homebrew: Touchxperience and Windows Phone Device Center Beta Release

He’s tweeted it, he’s teased us with images of it, and now it’s here! Julien “Schaps” Schapman has given a private beta to not just one but two programs. The first program is touchxperience; a hub launcher (much akin to samsung now or the htc hub) that allows users to see several items at a glance for their device (comm manager, launcher, and actions panels) while maintaining the aesthetic for the metro ui and bringing the uniqueness of touchxperience to a new generation of handsets. While there are no “widgets” and customization options, the ui is smooth and very easy to get into.

Unlike the previous touchxperience, the current iteration serves a major function which preludes to Schaps next program, the windows phone device center. Much like touchxperience, windows phone device center (wpdc) gives users a lot of information at a single glance and several options. However, WPDC won’t work without touchxperience running on your device. But all of these words seem a bit foreign, don’t they? What about we take a little bit of a test drive around WPDC? Don’t worry, a public beta is coming soon. For now, take a look at the program in video after the break.