Touch The Music(Guitar Hero Like Game) updated


The popular guitar based game for Windows Mobile has been going without an update for a while now, but it seems that the developers has a new release available. The application has not changed much from the last update, but if you were not aware of what that included, then this is truly new to you.

The previous update brought a whole new design to the previously unsightly game, and with that also came some tweaks and speed improvements. This update brings nothing more than just some little tweaks and slight changes, it comes with a request from the developer. The developer has apparently lost his graphics guy and he is looking for a new person because this loss to the Iphone has brought the app development to a standstill.

The application update brought this so far:

Version 0.31
Debug information added.
DirectShow error checking added.
Version 0.3
Major graphic overhaul
New scoring method
Vibration Feedback
FIX: Experimental bugfix for when receiving messages and calls, etc. The program should now behave fine when losing focus.

Get this slight updated over at XDA: Here