Tool converts Linux Docker images to Windows Subsystem for Linux

by Surur
August 15, 2021

Windows Subsystem for Linux allows admins to access Linux-based tools directly from Windows, but not every Linux distribution is available via the Microsoft Store.

A new tool is now available called EasyWSL can convert almost any Linux Docker image into a WSL distro.

EasyWSL was created by cybersecurity firm Red Code Labs.

“I felt that we can somehow bring more of Linux soul into Windows via WSL, something more than Microsoft has to offer in their Store,” explained Red Code Labs.

EasyWSL has some advantages to getting images from the Microsoft Store also since those are often made available by 3rd parties and could therefore have been altered.

“Basically it was a great idea to use try using Arch and Gentoo and their repos at the first point, but then I realized, why not to somehow get images from Docker Hub, to make the possibilities even bigger.”


WSL users are now able to download Docker images directly from the original maintainers and know that the builds have not been altered in any way.

EasyWSL is is an open-source tool. Find it and instructions on how to use it at GitHub here.

via BleepingComputer.

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