‘Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge’ DLC Is Now Available For Xbox One And PC, Watch The Gameplay Trailer Now

Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge Gameplay Trailer

Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge DLC is now available for the Xbox One and PC on July 31st and for Xbox 360 soon. Frontier’s Edge, the second DLC pack for Titanfall that introduces three exciting new maps including the isolated mining outpost of Dig Site, the exclusive beach resort of Haven and the mining hub on the side of a mountain known as Export. If you have Titanfall Season Pass, you can get this content pack for free. Otherwise, you can buy it for $9.99. Watch the game play trailer above.

The battle for the Frontier continues with Frontier’s Edge – the second DLC map pack for Titanfall. In desperate need of raw materials to support Titan production at their newly established base of operations, IMC forces begin probing attacks at the edge of the Frontier, striking at smaller, lightly defended settlements. Featuring three all new maps: Dig Site, Export and Haven on the far reaches of the Frontier.

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