Tip: Win+V is the clipboard history shortcut you did not know you already had

by Surur
February 13, 2020

Windows 10 no longer has any easter eggs, but it does have a large number of usability features that are not very well know, and which can increase your productivity if more widely used.

The Windows key pressed with the v key is one such shortcut that everyone should really know about.

Introduced with the October 2018 Update for Windows 10, it adds a clipboard history of text snippets you copied which can then be retrieved for later use.

Pressing the key combo for the first time activates the feature, and from then on you have a handy history of your copying and pasting which may save you from disaster someday.

If you have a frequently used text snippet you can also pin it to the history, and you are able to clear individual items or everything at once.

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