This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight sales feature Star Wars Battlefront II and Titanfall 2

Every week dozens of games are discounted across Xbox One and Xbox 360 for some stellar deals. These titles range from smaller indie experiences to AAA blockbusters. If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to check out the Deals with Gold if you have an Xbox Live Gold membership. This week’s Spotlight sales and Deals with Gold can be read below. Among the games discounted this week are Star Wars Battlefront II, Titanfall 2, and multiple expansions for The Division… but unfortunately not The Division itself (via Reddit).

Xbox One

GamePrice (USD)Sale Type
Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 Ultimate Bundle$ 32.00Gold
Battlefield 1 Revolution$ 19.80Gold
Color Symphony 2$ 2.50Gold
Dying : Reborn$ 13.99Gold
Fe Enhanced 4K$ 14.99Gold
FIFA 18 Enhanced 4K HDR$ 19.80Gold
FIFA 18 Icon Edition Enhanced 4K HDR$ 50.00Gold
FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition Enhanced 4K HDR$ 32.00Gold
Goliath$ 10.49Gold
Grand Theft Auto V$ 30.00Gold
Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card$ 51.99Gold
Grand Theft Auto V And Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack Bundle$ 59.99Gold
GTA V Megalodon Shark Cash Card$ 84.99Gold
GTA V, Starter Pack And Great White Shark Card Bundle$ 71.99Gold
GTA V, Starter Pack And Megalodon Shark Card Bundle$ 100.00Gold
GTA V, Starter Pack And Whale Shark Card Bundle$ 89.99Gold
Horse Racing 2016$ 1.95Gold
Hunter’s Legacy$ 2.80Gold
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst$ 5.00Gold
Mordheim: City Of The Damned$ 10.00Gold
Mr. Pumpkin Adventure$ 2.79Gold
NHL 18$ 18.00Gold
NHL 18 Young Stars Deluxe Edition$ 30.00Gold
NHL 18 Young Stars Edition$ 24.00Gold
Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2$ 8.00Gold
Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition$ 8.25Gold
Serial Cleaner$ 7.50Gold
Smite 1500 Gems$ 19.99Spotlight
Smite 2500 Gems$ 26.24Spotlight
Smite 3500 Gems$ 34.99Spotlight
Smite 400 Gems$ 6.79Spotlight
Smite 800 Gems$ 11.99Spotlight
Smite 8000 Gems$ 64.99Spotlight
Smite Ultimate God Pack Bundle$ 15.00Spotlight
Star Wars Battlefront II Enhanced HDR$ 24.00Gold
The Crew – Bronze Crew Credit Pack$ 5.99Spotlight
The Crew – Gold Crew Credit Pack$ 17.99Spotlight
The Crew – Platinum Crew Credit Pack$ 29.99Spotlight
The Crew – Silver Crew Credit Pack$ 11.99Spotlight
The Surge Enhanced HDR$ 20.00Gold
The Surge – Complete Edition Enhanced HDR$ 35.00Gold
The Surge – A Walk In The Park Enhanced HDR$ 12.74Gold
The Technomancer$ 10.00Gold
Titanfall 2 – Ultimate Edition Enhanced$ 6.00Gold
Tom Clancy’s The Division – 1050 Premium Credits Pack$ 6.99Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – 2400 Premium Credits Pack$ 13.99Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – 4600 Premium Credits Pack$ 24.49Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – 500 Premium Credits Pack$ 3.49Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – 7200 Premium Credits Pack$ 34.99Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Frontline Outfit Pack Enhanced$ 2.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Military Specialists Outfits Pack$ 2.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division Last Stand$ 7.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division Season Pass$ 16.00Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division Streets Of New York Outfit Bundle$ 7.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival$ 7.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Upper East Side Outfit Pack$ 2.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division Underground$ 7.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Sports Fan Outfit Pack$ 2.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Marine Forces Outfits Pack Enhanced$ 2.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy The Division Let It Snow Pack$ 3.50Spotlight
Tom Clancy The Division Parade Pack$ 3.50Spotlight
Tour De France 2016$ 29.99Spotlight
Tour De France 2017$ 39.99Spotlight
UFC 3 Enhanced$ 38.99Gold
UFC 3 Deluxe Edition Enhanced$ 47.99Gold
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection Enhanced 4K HDR$ 19.49Spotlight

Xbox 360

GamePrice (USD)Sale Type
Scourge: Outbreak “blindside” Multiplayer Map Pack$ 1.99Gold
The Escapists$ 4.99Gold
The Splatters Backwards Compatible$ 2.49Gold
Worms$ 1.24Gold

Be sure to check out any of these games if you are interested!

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