This Samsung Galaxy X concept looks strangely familiar

by Surur
April 24, 2018

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Samsung is said to be planning to release a foldable smartphone in early 2019, with some rumours suggesting the device may feature 3 screens, one outside and 2 inside.

This limited information was enough for AndroidLEO to get their renderers revving away, resulting in the rather attractive concept above, which looks just a little bit familiar.

They write:

As you can see, we have conceptualized a foldable phone with three separate Screens. The first one is a 6.4-inch ultra HD display that works on a folded mode and in this mode the user can easily use the Samsung Galaxy X as a normal smartphone. The second & 3rd both are 6.5 inch QHD display that can be revealed on unfolding it, and use the Galaxy X as a Laptop. You can unfold it at 360 degrees on laptop mode, it has a fully functional keypad which helps the smartphone to behave like a proper laptop and provides a complete laptop experience. When you turn on the laptop mode of Samsung Galaxy X which is runs on light version of windows 10 then the whole UI is changed into Samsung Dex.

The video offers a solution for the front-facing camera issue (simply use the rear one for everything) and also demonstrates that Samsung now has all the parts in place (with Samsung Dex) to offer a desktop experience for those who prefer their phone to have a productivity mode also.

It is unlikely Samsung’s device will be quite as attractive as the concept above, but it is almost certain that it will be here in about 12 months. It is much less clear if Microsoft will be able to offer a competitor, despite working on the design for some years now.

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