Despite telling buyers that they can cancel their pre-orders, Samsung is still determined to bring the amazing but flawed Samsung Galaxy Fold to the market.

According to Korean publication, YNA Samsung is hard at work fixing the issues and is even testing the device on local carriers.

Samsung is confident the changes they are making will make the device more durable. Two changes are being made.

The first is to tuck the mandatory screen protector under the bezel of the device. Previously the screen protector was well separated from the edges, allowing some reviewers to remove them and thereby damaging the screen.

Secondly, Samsung is making the gaps in the hinge area at the top and bottom of the handset smaller, to prevent the ingress of substances.

Lastly, Samsung is strengthening the warning that accompanies the device, so users will presumably handle it with more care.

According to YNA the handset may make it back to market in early June 2019, which may still allow it to be the first practical folding phone from a major company, though I suspect potential buyers will be somewhat more cautious about throwing their money at Samsung this time round.