This iPhone XII concept fulfills Steve Jobs’s ultimate wish


13, 2019

We have seen smartphone manufacturers coming up with different form factors just to create some hype and while that is not a bad thing, most of these form factors fail to convince you as to why you need such a thing in the first place. The same I believe is happening to the foldable form factor and this will continue until the software and production cost issues get resolved.

That said, there is a new iPhone XII concept which shows that there are ways to be cool without having to go fold. If we talk about the look, the new iPhone concept is reminiscent of the existing ones available in the market – it’s an all screen smartphone, the designer, however, gave it a fancy name – “Apple Space Display.” The concept has finally fulfilled Steve Jobs wish of a true buttonless smartphone. You won’t find any buttons, I mean really, there is none.

The concept also shows a new software feature called “Quick Apps.” This will let you perform a swipe on app widgets, and as a result, you get to see a glimpse of the latest notifications in the app without having to open it, nothing new but the way it does is really cool.

It has a hidden camera, no we are not talking about the pop-selfie camera, it’s truly hidden even when you attempt to capture a photo, you barely notice it. The concept also shows a new Apple smart charger that will be able to charge your iPhone even when you keep it 20m away from the smart charger. You can see the concept in the below video.

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