The Ultimate Poker Manager is released!


The Ultimate Poker Manager is both a Timer for your poker games and a Statistics Manager for your leagues.

This version has a FREE Timer and contains a trial version of the Statistics Manager.

Features of the FREE Timer:

  • Sound and vibration are supported.
  • Can run under locked screen.
  • Easy creation of blind structures.
  • Unlimited creation and saving of blind structures.
  • Easy to setup new games.
  • Rounds can be changed during game play.
  • Randomizer for seat positions.

Features of the Statistics Manager:

  • Game results and league statistics can be sent via email in either text or HTML format.
  • Game results contain rankings, prizes, points, costs including rebuys, good and bad beats and eliminations.
  • League statistics contain total points, average points, number of games, total gains, total profits,
    total costs, podium percentages, heads-up percentages, number of podiums, total good and bad beats and all eliminations.
  • Unlimited creation of leagues.

Ultimate Poker Manager  pay version is $0.99 and can be found in Marketplace here.