The Touryst runs at 6K on Series X, 4K on Series S

October 20, 2020
The Touryst Xbox Series X Xbox Series S 6K 4K above 4K

Indie darling game The Touryst renders at an incredibly impressive native 6K on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. 

Developer Shin’en Multimedia’s CEO, Manfred Linzner, revealed that the next-gen system’s power has allowed them to create a version of their game that “almost looks like a good CGI movie”.

Speaking to WCCFTech, Linzer said that the hardware on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is “very powerful”.

“For us, it’s the very powerful GPU. So it was really easy to up the visuals in The Touryst to perfection,” Linzer said. “Depending on Xbox Series X or S, we render at 6K or 4K resolution and then downsample to the target resolution, so you have a very crisp yet extra smooth supersampled display. It almost looks like a good CGI movie and that’s all with no temporal reprojection, so every pixel is fresh and unique without temporal artifacts.”

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Microsoft’s budget-focused entry point for next-gen with the Xbox Series S is offering players a more accessible way to experience the future of gaming. While some games like The Falconeer are running above the console’s target 1440p resolution output, other games are running below that.

For the development of The Touryst, a gorgeous but somewhat simpler game than some, the lower power of Series S isn’t an issue.

“It wasn’t a limit to us,” Linzer said. “I think the Xbox Series S is quite fine depending on what you need and want”.

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