The Samsung Galaxy Note 22 may still arrive next year



This year Samsung sacrificed the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 to ensure the success of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but it seems that this decision may not apply to every year going forward.

According to reliable leaker Ice Universe, there are some supply chain rumours that Samsung is working on a Galaxy Note for next year.

Of course, we are still in a very early stage, and a number of factors may still mean we never see another Note, including if the Z Fold 3 is a massive success, or if chip shortages continue to force Samsung to choose between flagship lines.

As a Galaxy Note user, I would probably have upgraded this year if a Note was available, but could not justify the cost and bulk of a Z Fold 3, and of course, the S21 is no substitute for a Note, even with S-Pen support.

Are any of our readers still holding out for the next Note? Let us know below.

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