The Podcast Critter welcomes you

Hello fellow Windows Phoners! I made a podcast fetching app, and it’s called Podcast Critter.

I don’t want to overwhelm this posting with details, as they are available at the store link provided, but here’s a bit of what to expect:

• Download or stream episodes
• Episode playback position remembered
• Mark individual episodes as played/unplayed
• Specify unique settings for individual podcasts (auto-download count, default episode sort order, update on startup)
• Import subscriptions from account, SkyDrive account, or OPML file hosted on the web
• Add podcasts using RSS URL
• Create smart playlists for the perfect episode groupings (e.g. create a playlist for unplayed episodes added this month, downloaded episodes added today, all episodes from a specific podcast, etc.)
• Share podcasts or individual episodes via SMS or email
• Sort podcasts by name, unplayed episode count, or download count
• Live Tile showing number of new episodes added in background and artwork for currently playing podcast
• Full integration into Music Hub – just tap a history item and it will begin playing right where you left off
• Multiselect feature allows for bulk subscribing, downloading, playlist building, deleting, etc.
• Support for password protected podcasts

The UI is simple and clean. I did my best to cram as much information on the screen as possible without making things feel crowded. Seen below are screenshots of the main page, as well as the play page for audio podcasts. A number of other screenshots can be seen at the store link.

A free trial is available which limits subscriptions to one, and only allows streaming of episodes. SkyDrive and gpodder import are also unavailable in the trial version. The full version isn’t far away and comes in at a comfortable 99¢.

I would be honored if you would give it a shot. I am open to and encourage any sort of feedback you might have.

Thank you for reading and happy listening/viewing! Just click this LINK or the banner below to get started. 🙂