The Patent War Saga: From the Eyes of a Teenager

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As a young adult and technology enthusiast growing up in a world where technology is changing and improving as fast as one can blink I am very much amazed and captivated by the goings-on. What has me particularly captivated at the moment however, is the mobile spectra and at them moment the kind of weapons race that goes on behind the scenes. The goings-on that even at this feisty stage are not even known by the so-called end users who just care about having a phone in their hands and have not the slightest care about how it got there. I should make it clear off the bat, that I am of the belief that if one sheds blood, sweat and tears working on something, that they should reap the benefits of it in the way that they’ve dreamed of. I am also of the knowledge that Microsoft was once the big bad wolf of monopolizing the tech world but I like others also believes that those time have somewhat changed and Microsoft is more about the people now (Win7 and WP7 are perfect examples). I also believe that the old Microsoft skin has fallen over or has been modified to fit Google, who’s "Me too" attitude I somewhat despise. Of course this is my opinion and everyone is free to have their opinion too.

All of the research I’ve done on the tech world, whether by reading from Engadget, BGR, Bloomberg, CNET, ZDNET, ArsTechnica, GigaOM has led me to believe that Google is really about providing their Android software for free so that the manufacture can gobble it up and Google can have more platforms to make money from advertising (Which is what they’re buit on). This I know must be true yet the hordes of Fandroids as they are oft called fail to acknowledge and blindly follow Google into the bottomless pits of deception. If I at this ripe age can understand this why can’t the multitude of older generations pick this up as well?

What annoys me is when fandroid like to cry out in unsion that Android is free! Android is open! Android can be customized You can do whatever you can with Android and will fight it to the death. I used to have a bit of disdain for Apple products but the more the Fandroid cry out about how free Android is the more I’ve favored Apple as second to Microsoft in my book. Wake up Fandroids half of those that own Android phones buy them for their prices and don’t know about the tons of "advanced" features that the carriers and manufacturers hype their phones up to offer. Those that claim that Android can be hacked this or that way don’t recognize that the majority of the population have no interest in those things.

Most of the regular people may just be attracted by a phone with a pretty big and vibrant screen and a nice camera, probably the ability to play the movies, songs or pictures via some external hardware using HDMI, DLNA, use the internet, play games and they’re all set. They most likely came from non-smartphones, sidekicks, flip-phones and were enthused that they could get a "smartphone" so conveniently. But if Google were about the people Android would’ve been far more usable and pleasant experience for it’s users instead of now scrambling to make tweaks here and there (this is where they copy too) and get critical acclaim from it’s users.

What the Fandroids people need to understand however is that, Android didn’t just appear out of thin air, it was someone’s work that created it and Android can’t be free because evidently it also includes software bit patented by other companies. Even if your argument is that that bit of software is too minute to consider, one must understand that someone’s effort went into thinking of and creating that little bit! Also if it were so insignificant then Google’s engineers would’ve been quick to replace the infringing bit eons ago and we wouldn’t be in this patent mess.

So in all what I am saying is may the "man" who put the effort, the blood sweat and tears into getting us where we are in mobile technology win this current patent war and that people should be informed before blindly selling themselves to a company.

(I am a budding journalist and may not have constructed all of my thoughts well but I hope you go the gist of it)

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