The new PlayStation 5 model might not be so bad after all


17, 2021

A new report from Digital Foundry has found that the new PlayStation 5 model isn’t as bad as first claimed, with thermal performance no worse than the original model. 

Previously, thanks to testing done by YouTuber Austin Evans it was believed that the new PlayStation 5 model was objectively worse owing to its new cooler design, which was significantly lighter than the original model.

In Evans’ testing, he showed a three-degree increase in the console’s exhaust temperatures, however, Digital Foundry has proved this isn’t all there is to the story. 

Throughout Digital Foundry’s testing and review, which was done in collaboration with Gamers Nexus, they found that while there is some change, “the internal temperature results suggest that while cooler in some cases, the machine can run hotter in others,” being a mixed bag of both better and worse.

Ultimately, Richard Leadbetter concludes that “the experience of owning it was basically identical,” so it doesn’t really matter all too much which model of PlayStation 5 you choose, if you’re lucky enough to have that choice that is. 

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While the cooling performance is important, it’s hardly the only change that comes with the new PlayStation 5 model. Lest we not forget the greatest innovation in gaming that comes with the CFI-1100 model, a screw for the base of the console that you can adjust by hand.

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