The Man With A Million Gamerscore Speaks About His Next Goal Under His Radar

Xbox Stallion83

On March 13, 2014, during the launch of Titanfall, Raymond Cox (Xbox Gamertag ‘Stallion83’) became the first gamer to achieve 1,000,000 Gamerscore. As Stallion83 has become a celebrity in gaming circles for his love for gaming, Xbox Wire interviewed him to know about how he arrived at this huge number, what’s his next goal from here on and more.

Xbox Wire: OK, so let’s step back, then. How’d you end up being the first to 100,000? What made you go for that goal? How hard was that to achieve, and how did that compare with 1,000,000?

I guess it was around early 2006 when I really fell for the achievement system. I got all of the “Call of Duty 2” achievements, and then I was forever hooked — so from there I just started racking up the points and trying to get my Gamerscore as high as possible. First to 100,000 was an amazing feeling, but compared to 1,000,000, it was just a number along the way. 1,000,000 is something I will never forget in my lifetime.

Xbox Wire: So, now that you’ve gotten to 1,000,000, what’s next on your radar? What’s your next achievement?

In 2008, I said to myself, “after a million, I’m done.” Not done with gaming, but done chasing achievements and Gamerscore like I need them to breathe. And today I feel like I can’t accomplish anything else with Gamerscore. Two million? Ten million? I’d be like 110 years old! But I’m really loving the Xbox One, so I do have one last super-ambitious goal. I want to, at some point, chase down every last Gamerscore point available on the Xbox One. Even if it is for one day or 2 hours. That target is ever-moving and today I’m about 200 achievements away or roughly three- to four-thousand Gamerscore, right now, as we’re talking. Maybe I can catch it in the summer, or maybe at the first of next year. Maybe I’ll never catch it. It may never happen, but I’ll give it a shot. A thing that might keep me going like this for longer is if Xbox Live ever gets official Gamerscore leaderboards. People like leaderboards. Just saying.

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