The 2020 relaunch of battle royale game The Culling, in the form of The Culling Origins, at first sounds like a good time for those who adored the game’s original release way back when. But much like every interpretation of the battle royale title that came after its original release, developer Xaviant has already f-ed it up.

For starters, Xaviant’s supposedly glorious return to battle royale gaming costs just $5.99, a modest price for a title releasing amidst a sea of free-to-play competitors that includes Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s cheap; that’s a good thing.

But despite paying to play The Culling, players may be frightfully extremely bloody confused when they discover they’re only allowed to play a single match per day. One bloody match! ONE! For a game you bloody paid for!

Xaviant’s big brain business budge has decided that players only need a single match per day – maybe they’re afraid you’ll get bored after any more. Access to more than one match per day requires players to spend premium tokens – which are earned by winning a battle royale match – or by spending an additional $5.99 per month.

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The Battle Royale game releases tomorrow for Xbox One, but it can go screw itself. There are better paid games that don’t screw you over; there are better FREE games that don’t screw you over.