Windows 10 on ARM hackers turn their attention to the Lumia 950 XL


12, 2019

The project to run Windows 10 on ARM on the Lumia 950 XL has made massive progress, and now one of the main hackers behind the project, Gustave Monce, has turned his attention to the Lumia 950.

He has managed to install drivers for the LTE chipset, GPU and more, enabling the OS to be used to some degree on the system.

Currently missing is a working WLAN driver, camera and audio but many of these should fall soon.

The LumiaWOA project now has firmware for the Lumia 950 XL you can download and install using WPinternals which makes installation as easy as flashing with any other firmware. It does replace the Windows 10 Mobile install, so users need to back up their data of course. We assume when the project is a bit more polished these will also be made available for the Lumia 950.

If your Lumia 950 is only gathering dust in an old draw, there is likely nothing to lose by trying out the hack. Read more about it at GitHub here.

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