Tesla Model Y exact dimensions leaked

by Surur
March 8, 2020
Tesla model Y

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For a car which is already available to order, there is a bizarre lack of information about important elements of the electric vehicle, such as its exact height and width.

Now some of that information has leaked, with Tesmanian posting some screenshots from what appears to be internal Tesla spec sheets.

Tesla Model Y Dimensions

They show the following information:

Exterior Dimensions (A) :

Overall Length: 187 in or 4,750 mm

Total Width (B) :

  • Overall Width including mirrors: 83.8 in or 2,129 mm
  • Overall Width including folded mirrors: 77.9 in or 1,978 mm
  • Overall Width excluding mirrors: 75.6 in or 1,921 mm

Total Height (C) :

  • Overall Height – coil : 64 in or 1,624 mm


  • Curb Weight* Long Range Battery, Dual Motor: 4,416 lbs or 2,003 kg
  • GVWR** Long Range Battery, Dual Motor: 5,302 lbs or 2,405 kg
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Distribution – Dual Motor: Front 46% and Rear 54%
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating – Front 20″ Wheels: 3,005 lbs or 1,363 kg
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating – Rear 20″ Wheels: 3,307 lbs or 1500 kg

*Curb Weight = weight of the vehicle with correct fluid levels, no occupants and no cargo

**GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

This compares to (4,694 mm Lenght) x (2089 mm wide with mirrors unfolded) x (1,443 mm Height) for the Tesla Model 3, so the Model Y is 2 inches longer, 2 inches wider and 7 inches taller. In terms of weight, the Tesla Model 3 LR Dual Motor is 1,847 kg, making the Model Y 156 kg heavier.

tesla model y

The dimensions also compare favourably with other Cross-over SUV EVs.

Measurements Model Y Jaguar I Pace Mustang Mach E Mercedes EQC
Length mm 4750 4682 4724 4761
Width mm 1921 1895 1880 1884
Height mm 1624 1565 1600 1624

Some other features were also included in the leak:

The information shows the Model Y will have an Off-Road Assist feature which:

“Adjusts traction control to optimize performance off-road. Some Autopilot safety features such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Avoidance features are not available when Off-Road Assist is enabled.”

The leak also confirms the Tesla Model Y will feature a power-assisted trunk.

The Tesla Model Y is about 10% larger than the Tesla Model 3, with a drag coefficient of 0.23Cd, and has about 75% of the same components.  It features a panoramic sunroof and an optional 7 seater layout.

There are Standard Range, Long Range (315 miles, $52,990), Dual Motor and Performance (315 miles, $60,990) models available, though not all models will be available initially.

See all the details at Tesla’s website here.

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