Tesla is planning to show off an Android next year, and its not a phone

by Surur
August 20, 2021
tesla robot

Telsa is constantly pushing the boundaries of what one considers to be realistically achievable, and at their AI Day event, they once again left us incredulous with the announcement that the company is planning to demonstrate an Android, the Tesla Bot, next year.

Tesla said, with its self-driving cars, it is already the biggest robotic company in the world, and that they could use their advancements in computer vision and AI for a robot which moved on two legs instead of 4 wheels.

Musk said the robot could be used for “repetitive and boring tasks” such as getting your groceries and that it would leverage technologies developed for their cars.

Tesla said if “Tesla doesn’t do it, someone else will” and expected to have a prototype ready some time next year.

While Tesla ultimately wanted to replace all human labour with robots, we can’t help but feel that Tesla plans to start with making sure their factory workers are never able to unionise.

See the announcement below:

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via electrek.

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