Tesla cuts price of Model 3 and Model S, increases price of full self-driving option

July 16, 2019
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For the past few years, Tesla customers has been enjoying electric vehicle tax credit from the US government and this program will go away at the end of 2019. In order to improve the sales without the government credit, Tesla today announced price cuts and simplified car lineup. “We are standardizing our global vehicle lineup and streamlining the number of trim packages offered for Model S, Model X and Model 3,” said Tesla spokesperson.¬†Find the new price details below.

Tesla Model 3:

  • Standard Range Plus model – $38,990 (Previously $39,500)
  • Long Range Model 3 – $47,990 (Previously $49,500)
  • Performance Model 3 – $54,990 (Previously $59,500)

Tesla Model S:

  • Standard Range Model S no longer available for purchase
  • Long Range Model S – $79,990 (Previously $85,000)
  • Performance Model S – $99,990 (Previously $96,000)

Tesla Model X:

  • Standard Range Model X no longer available for purchase

These price cuts are also applicable in the Europe and China. Tesla today also announced that the cost of Tesla full self-driving option increasing by $1000. This change will reflect from August 16.

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