Telstra HTC Mozart leak confirms October target for Windows Phone 7 release

by Surur
June 18, 2010

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HTC Mozart runs Windows Phone and is coming October 2010

Look what just popped up on XDA- Developers!

Vertex214 has leaked a small bit of Telstra’s playbook, which features this mock-up Windows Phone 7 device with the low low price of only $49, with the “critical aim” of selling in volume (understandable after those nasty KIN rumours) and more importantly, with the expected release date in October.

Of course the picture is of just a photoshopped HTC Desire, but I don’t think that is significant in any way.

Conflipper notes the handset will also come to T-Mobile USA, and what he says we generally believe.

So, only 3-4 short months before Windows Phone 7 drops? Is that soon enough for our readers? Let us know below.


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