Telegram’s Windows app reaches 1.0, gets an improved design and a dark theme


11, 2017

If you use Telegram, you might be glad to know that the company’s desktop app has finally reached 1.0. The company has been beta testing the update for a little while, and it’s now available to all users.

The update isn’t anything huge in terms of the actual functionality of the app, but the UI of the app has been updated with 1.0. For example, there is an improved design for the login page, and the updated app also has new animations which seem to be inspired by Google’s Material Design.

What’s even better is that the update brings support for custom themes which means you can now apply any custom theme made by the Telegram community. One of the most notable themes that are available right now is the Dark Theme.

If you are interested, you can get the Telegram app for Windows here, and know more about it here.

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