Telegram is getting ready to publish their desktop app in the Windows Store


2, 2017

Telegram is getting ready to publish their desktop app to the Windows Store.

Despite appearance above, the app will not be a UWP app but in fact will be using Project Centennial.

The news was revealed by code on their Github page and suggests the earlier promised UWP app has been pushed back.

The move may represent the risk some have been concerned about with allowing win32 apps in the Windows Store – that it would discourage developers from developing UWP apps and therefore not provide any boost for Microsoft’s more mobile platforms. There are however rumours that phones will eventually be able to run desktop apps in Continuum mode, so all may not be lost in the end after all.

Centennial apps also have the advantage of sharing the code base with the much larger Windows 7 installed base, meaning it is more likely to remain updated than a UWP app.

If you are interested, you can get the Telegram app for Windows here.

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