Telegram gets even more privacy focused this June

June 1, 2019

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Even as we head into June, Telegram remains one of the most privacy-focused messaging apps and has updated its main app to allow users more control over who sees information like their status, profile picture and phone number.

Group Privacy: Telegram’s privacy setting now lets you add Groups as privacy exemptions. So if you choose to hide certain bits of information from all your contacts, you could add a group chat like your family or close friends who will always have access to this information. This is updated dynamically, so if someone leaves your group chat they lose the privilege

Public Channels: Telegram will now allow users to see any public chat on the web, whether they are logged out or don’t have a telegram account.

Scam Alerts: Scam and spam aren’t restricted to your messenger and WhatsApp, users will see now suspicious missives highlighted in this app.

iOS and Android specifics: With version 5.7, Telegram adds PDF thumbnails to its iOS app. For Android, the firm has added a new theme switcher in chat settings so users can change their themes dynamically when chatting.

Telegram has also made some changes to the way broadcasts and groups work, you can check out all these features by updating your app on your preferred platform.

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