Telegram for Windows 10 apparently in the works


While many apps have been quick to jump on Microsoft’s universal bandwagon, strangely enough, few messaging apps have. Although Facebook has pledged to create universal apps for Windows 10 Mobile and WeChat and Viber have demo’d their apps and Cyberdust has promised that its app would be in store any day now, there are no actual apps that you can actually use now aside from Microsoft’s Skype(!) and Groupme.

Telegram has now tossed their hats into the ring of messaging apps which have promised to make a Windows 10 Mobile app….any day now.

Before you get excited, having plans for a universal Windows app does not indicate whether the app would be arriving sooner or later or maybe just pencilled in on the roadmap in the “plans” section. While we’d welcome a telegram universal app, we can’t help but temper our excitement with a bit of reality.

Are you excited for a Telegram universal app? Let us know in the comments below!

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