TeamViewer Frontline Workplace for Microsoft HoloLens now available

by Surur
April 18, 2021
teamviewer for HoloLens 2

Teamviewer has made their Frontline Workplace app available for the Microsoft HoloLens.

Frontline is a fully integrated Productivity Solution Platform from Teamviewer. It is designed to improve work efficiency and simplify processes for up to 80% of today’s workforce, including those who work outside of the office and away from desks.

It delivers Mixed Reality step-by-step workflows and remote assistance leveraging use cases that benefit from an immersive experience along the entire value chain.

It can be used for training, maintenance, remote assistance, assembly instructions and quality control.

It features:

  • Integration of workflows built with Frontline Creator
  • Detachable workflow elements
  • Parallel remote assistance calls
  • Integration of 3D objects

The app can be found in the Store here, but for more about the solution, read more at TeamViewer here.

via ALumia

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