Teams Rooms on Android gets December 2022 update

December 14, 2022

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Microsoft is releasing new touch-enabled experiences on Teams Rooms on Android that will mostly benefit those who love to use the board feature of the app. The update brings the app version to 1449/ this December.

“Earlier this year, we announced the certification of Neat Board and Yealink Meeting Board — a new form factor for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android where audio, video, touch display, and compute are combined in a single unit to instantly transform any space into a Teams meeting space,” says Henrika Lim, a product manager at Microsoft, in a blog post. “With the release of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android update 3 (App version: 1449/, we are delighted to launch several touch-enabled experiences that make meeting and collaborating easier on Teams Rooms on Android, especially with boards.”

First of the improvements is the ability to instantly start whiteboarding using the new Whiteboard button on the home screen. Users can access this new button right away to launch Microsoft Whiteboard, removing the former need to be invited to a meeting or setting up your own meeting to share the Whiteboard and start inking.

In relation to that, Microsoft said it will now be easier for users to collaborate on whiteboards by simply tapping the “Start meeting” button on the local whiteboard screen. This button will instantly create an ad hoc meeting presenting the Whiteboard you started on the home screen onto the meeting you initiated. You can then add participants until you form a group that will contribute to the Whiteboard in real-time. Making the experience better is the Content + Gallery layout option in the Microsoft Whiteboard that will allow you to see the participants next to the Microsoft Whiteboard. And speaking of controls, a new touch screen support will let users control the room system via the touch display at the front of the room and the touch console.

Microsoft also redesigned the “Share” menu, allowing Teams to show all content options you want to share, like Microsoft Whiteboard. Also, according to the software giant, sharing the Whiteboard in a meeting is now supported on resource accounts.

As for displays, a 4K display for large-screen devices is now supported. Remote meeting participants will also be delighted to know that they can now control the zoom and orientation of a Teams Rooms camera from their desktops during meetings, thanks to the new remote camera pan, tilt, and zoom controls support. Another small improvement in the update is the chat notifications that let users see incoming chat messages on the front-of-room display and participate in the meeting on equal grounds.

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