Team NoSticker wins as Xbox Series X won’t include a HDMI sticker

June 18, 2020
Xbox Series X Team NoSticker wins

If you’re a fan of the HDMI sticker on your Xbox consoles, you’ll have to pour one out for your fallen troops as Microsoft will not be including the labels on their next-gen Xbox Series X console. 

The news was released by Xbox boss Phil Spencer in response to a post by Windows Central’s Jez Corden after the journalist posted that the next-gen Xbox Series X will include the label sticker on the top of the cuboid console.

Following the tweet by Corden, Spencer quickly retorted telling the journalist that the console will not be gracing the console this generation.

“It was previously confirmed by Xbox’s RobeyTech that the Xbox Series X comes with a HDMI sticker like this,” Corden wrote on Twitter.

“Oh no it won’t!” retorted the Xbox head.

But what is the significance of this sticker’s removal? Well, since the release of the Xbox One back in 2013, Xbox fans have been on one of two sides: Team Sticker and Team NoSticker. The brutal war has seen the destruction of many Xbox HDMI stickers at the hands of Team NoSticker and taunting by Team Sticker.

Look at the destruction of the anti-sticker army below:

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