Tap on fish and Rescue Pulpi !

Pulpi Rescue is the new puzzle game made by Loon Apps. The Previous games by Loon Apps was Someline and Soppy Adventures.

Pulpi Rescue, Pulpi the tiny octopus face of fish invasion. A game by Loon Apps

In Pulpi Rescue, your goal is to rescue Pulpi (a tiny octopus) of a fish invasion. To do that, you will kill fish before they reach the beach. Tap on a fish to kill him, or tap on a fish group to kill them. Help you using powerups, but they can be use only one time.

You can play some short missions in way to train you for championship mode. In championship mode, survive as long as you can and make the best score ! Your best score appear in the worldwide ranking.

Pulpi Rescue is a free game with advertising.

To play, dowload Pulpi Rescue from the Windows Phone Store, or flash the QR Code in the picture.

Watch Pulpi Rescue in action :

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