Tagado – A refreshingly new way to manage your to-do items and lists

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They said it couldn’t be any clearer. They said there was zero left for improvement. They said there’s nothing left to do.

We said "let there be innovation!"

Are you tired of the same old restrictive way of managing your to-do items, shopping lists, and notes?

Introducing Tagado!

  • Create and view items with ease.
  • Complete or delete items with a single swipe.
  • Powerful glance and go user interface.
  • Easily see all items from any number of categories.
  • Share your lists via SMS and email.
  • Customize your experience with your own pictures.

Don’t just do it, Tagado it!

Tagado uses advanced tag cloud technology coupled with simple gesture based control to unleash simple and elegant item categorization and management.

Gone are the days of restricting your information to predetermined structured categories.

With Tagado you simply have "items". Your items are then filed under one or more tags. To see your items, simply tap one or more tags and swipe over to the items view to see all the items containing the selected tags.

To "complete" for "delete" an item, simply swipe the item to the left (to delete) or to the right (to complete). 

Easily work your shopping list with one hand while shopping. See shopping list items from all stores, all categories, on one screen. Never miss an item again.

File your to-do items under one or many tags (categories) visually see which tags contain the most items. Tag color and size is instantly adjusted based on how many items contain a given tag.

Quickly create large item lists by entering a single item title separated by commas.

Tagado will split the title into multiple items when saved. Never waste time again entering new items one by one.

Quickly file an item under multiple tags by simply tapping the tags. Easily enter new tags, one or more tags can easily be enter by comma separating them.

Remove a tag from an item by simply opening the item and tapping the tags to unselect them.

Tagado takes a new approach that feels new, exciting, and fun. Give Tagado a try and open your mind to a new way to manage your lists.

Grab the free (ad supported) version here or purchase the paid (with trial) version here. The trial limits the number of items to 5.

Tagado Free 
Tagado Free
Tagado Paid
Tagado Paid