Follow us on Twitter and win a T-Mobile HTC HD2! Only 900 followers to go!



twitter The HTC HD2 is likely to be the pinnacle of Windows Mobile handsets, and to celebrate its release on T-Mobile USA we will be giving away one of these amazing devices to a lucky reader.

As regular readers know we are trying to give away the T-Mobile US version of the device while trying to increase our twitter follower numbers at the same time.

To win you need simply follow us on twitter – as soon as we hit 5,000 followers we will pick a winner for a T-Mobile HTC HD2, which has a no-commitment price of $450.

Unfortunately only US residents will be able to qualify for this give away, but if you are lucky enough to be in the USA, follow us on

Remember to re-tweet the contest – the sooner we get to 5,000, the sooner your HTC HD2 will be on its way 🙂

Edit: As we are very close to the launch of Windows Phone 7, the winner will have the choice of waiting for the first device to be released, and we will purchase it for the the no-commitment price if they so prefer.

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