Surface is more desirable than a MacBook says survey


12, 2018

The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft is not a new thing but Microsoft has been extra aggressive when it comes to Surface. Last year we reported that Microsoft’s marketing strategy seems to be working as consumers considered Surface as the only competition to MacBook. Now as per a new study, Microsoft seems to have finally beaten MacBooks in terms of popularity.

The study was conducted by Creative Strategies on 1,300 US consumers which shows 72% of the users who use a Microsoft Surface actually want it as their personal device as well, compared to 65% in case of the Apple MacBook. The survey also showed Surface as the popular choice for the people who want 2-in-1 devices.

People who perceive the Surface as the leading notebook brand over Apple do so because they see it as the best implementation of Windows and Office. Employees who use Apple for work feel strongly that Surface devices have the best implementation of Windows 10

The study also shows that Surface has managed to finally beat Apple with the coffee shop effect. Just like Mac users Surface owners love to be seen with their devices in the public. 77% of the respondents said that they enjoy working on a Surface device, while only 52% of them had the same opinion about Apple.

The Surface team has been working hard on maintaining the image of their brand as expensive, aspirational and high quality. The news of Microsoft Surface finally becoming more popular than MacBook is definitely an achievement worth praising, especially for the marketing team.

What do our readers think about this news? If given an option, will you prefer Surface over MacBooks?

Via: Gizbot

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