Surface Duo 2 screen gap visualized


15, 2021

One of the improvements of the Surface Duo 2 over the original Surface Duo was a reduction in the screen gap between the two halves, courtesy of the curve to the screen on the inner edge of the device.

Redditor Metlifeellis wanted to better visualise the improvement and posted a picture showing the gap on the Surface Duo 2 (courtesy of a Microsoft video) with the same page seen on the original Surface Duo.

The image shows significantly less screen real estate is lost to the gap than with the older device.

In fact, Microsoft’s emulator confirms nearly 25% less space is lost with the Surface Duo 2, which should make Microsoft’s design choice a bit easier to live with.

The Surface Duo 2 is on pre-order now, with shipping set for the 21st of October.

If you have not already pre-ordered your own Surface Duo 2, you can pick one up at the Microsoft StoreĀ here.
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