Microsoft has started pushing the September 2021 update to Surface Book 3. The update includes improvements to the USB-C and system performance and stability. Additionally, the update addresses some of the critical security vulnerabilities. You can read the full official changelog below.


Windows Update HistoryDevice Manager
Surface – Firmware – UEFI – Firmware
Surface – Firmware – 13.0.1763.6Surface ME – Firmware
Surface – Firmware – SMF- Firmware
Surface – System devices – Integration Service Device – System devices
Surface – System devices – SMF Core Driver – System devices

The September 2021 update is rolling out to Surface Go 2, adding fixes for the critical security vulnerabilities and improvements to the system stability.

The September update is now rolling out and should be available for your Surface Book 3. You can go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update to download and install the update.