Stryker uses Microsoft HoloLens to design operating rooms in 3D

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Stryker, a leading global medical technology company is using Microsoft HoloLens to improve the process for designing operating rooms for hospitals and surgery centers. In general, hospitals use shared operating rooms for performing various types of surgeries. Each surgery requires different operating room configuration and setup, everything from lighting, to equipment, tools, and even patient orientation. It is critical for hospitals to get the operating room design correct for an efficient process. Instead of using 2D diagrams or physical 3D models, Stryker is using HoloLens for the design process where hospital stakeholders can envision the ideal operating room configuration with the power of holograms and the benefit of mixed reality.

Instead of needing all of the people from each surgical discipline, all the physical equipment required across all medical disciplines, all in one room at the same time, Stryker is now able to modify and build different operating room scenarios with holograms. No more time-consuming sessions where everyone needs to be physically present and no more need to move around heavy and expensive equipment to get a sense for how everything all fits together.

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