Steam Hardware survey brings bad news for Microsoft


4, 2019

Steam has published the results of their November 2019 hardware survey and bad news for Microsoft. In case you didn’t know, Steam does a hardware survey and records the changes in hardware usage by gamers every month. Since Steam is one of the most popular game application, it’s likely to give the best insights.

Coming to the survey, the November 2019 showed an increase of 0.26% in the Windows market share bringing it to 96.28%. Windows 10, however, saw a 2% drop bringing it to 74.23%. In a surprising turn of events, Windows 7 gained 2.43% bringing it to 18.47%. Mac, on the other hand, is currently used by 2.92% of the gamers which is followed by Linux at 0.81%. On the VR side of things, Windows Mixed Reality headsets didn’t see any change and are still at 5.1%. In total Windows Mixed Reality headsets are used by just 0.1% of the gamers. Moving on to GPU, Nvidia still dominates the segment with top 12 positions held by Nvidia GPUs. Interestingly enough, RTX cards have finally broken into the top 10 with RTX 2060 and 2070 holding the 9th and 10th position respectively.

Steam does have other interesting stats as well which you can check out on their website. Unfortunately, the stats still are far from perfect but they are the closest we can get at the moment. While they aren’t perfect, the hardware survey still gives us some insights into the type of hardware used by gamers.

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