Is Starfield Premium Edition a 365 GB download if you get it from Microsoft Store?

August 25, 2023
Starfield Premium Edition

Starfield Premium Edition should not be a 365 GB download, but it seems that it’s happening to some people, especially if they’re downloading it from the Microsoft Store.

This user, for example, has been unlucky enough to get such a download, which can literally occupy more than 60% of an Xbox console’s space.

Microsoft Store Starfield 365gigs??
by u/Vinral in Starfield

However, Bethesda officially confirms that Starfield occupies 125 GB in your hard drive, and some versions of the game can get to 139 GB. Future patches or expansions will add more GB to it, but it’s nowhere near 365 GB. So what’s happening?

Why is Starfield Premium Edition labeled as a 365 GB download?

Well, some say that Microsoft Store is actually downloading every version of the game, including the Standard one. Others say Microsoft Store is actually downloading other games in the queue, as well. So before canceling your Starfield download, check to see if the Microsoft Store is not actually downloading other games.

Another solution is to stop the download, log off of your Microsoft Store account, and re-log again. Start downloading your Starfield again.

As a last resort, you can contact Microsoft Store Support.

Have you encountered this issue while downloading Starfield Premium Edition from Microsoft Store? What did you do?

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