Star Ocean PSP remake is getting remade again for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

May 27, 2019

Square Enix JRPG Star Ocean is getting remade for the second time!

Star Ocean: First Departure R will be an all-new remaster of the original game’s 2007 PSP remake.

No other details were announced outside of the game’s platforms: PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. While there will be new features added to the game, we’re uncertain what they’ll be.

First Departure R was announced through Twitter with the caption “Keep communication channels opens for further updates”. Maybe, Square Enix will show some gameplay during their upcoming E3 2019 conference.

Originally released for the Japanese Super Famicom, Star Ocean is a great RPG that only improved with its PSP remaster. The enhanced remake, developed by TOSE, improved graphics, added new characters and introduced extensive amounts of voice acting.

Square Enix’s prior remasters for this legacy JRPG series have been excellent. The fourth game’s remaster on PlayStation 4 and PC was a great example on how to port a game to modern systems, complete with a PC-like options menu on console. Hopefully, First Departure R gets a similar treatment.

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