Reader Request: Standard WM 6.5.5 ROM for HD2

HTC HD2 with Windows Mobile 6.5.3With the recent release of the LG Fathom, a very vanilla Windows Phone, with hardly any third party software, reader Alamfour has a request for something similar for the HTC HD2.

Hi All,

Could one of the cooks please create a ROM similar to the following?

I have a need for a Vanilla WM 6.5.5 ROM. That is without sense, htc comm manager, or any htc customizations that are not essential for the ROM.

I would like no Youtube app and viewing youtube videos from enabled as they are currently disabled and they redirect to youtube app. Also when viewing Youtube videos in IE and I try to go full screen it goes to fullscreen portrate mode, could landscape fullview be enabled also?

If their is already a ROM like this could someone please point me in the right direction as I have been searching for a few weeks now and found none. I did try Energy ROM titanium but it was too customized for my liking.

I would prefer not to have to cook my own ROM as I am not very good at it. I used to cook my own ROM’s for my Touch Diamond but I always had problems so I have given up on cooking.

Thank you

Does anyone have a favourite vanilla HTC HD2 ROM? Let us know below.