Square Enix couldn’t “fine tune” Final Fantasy 16 graphics before its reveal

The graphical fidelity of the PlayStation 5 timed exclusive Final Fantasy 16 isn’t representative of its final look. Apparently, the Final Fantasy 16 graphics are set to improve. 

While the game’s graphics looked fine for a modern release, many didn’t feel that the Final Fantasy 16 graphics lived up to the hype of a next-gen game in Square Enix’s flagship franchise.

Check out the original trailer below:

During a panel at the annual Tokyo Game Show, FF16 Producer Naoki Yoshida explained that barely anything shown in the game’s debut was perfected to the level it will be on release. However, despite the unfinished look, they didn’t want to release a pre-rendered CGI trailer.

“This time we really put a lot of effort in. A pre-rendered amazing movie with the logo was something we didn’t want to do this time around. We wanted to show real-time and in-game scenes as much as possible, but it was actually pretty difficult time-wise,” Yoshida said, translated by Twitter user Audrey.

“We barely did any perfecting or tuning for these scenes. It was rather tough. Especially since the title would be compared with other current titles. Even so, if we were to just release a pre-rendered trailer, then people would say something like, ‘Well, I guess we’ll see you in 2035!'”

Yoshida explained that this was inspired by comments in Western countries that mock the series for its long development times between reveal and release. With Final Fantasy 16 allegedly not as far from release as many think, this leans into that theory.

“I saw these kinds of comments from America and abroad. So we wanted to show proper scenes captured in-game. So, we’ll reveal more when it’s done properly.”

How do you feel about the current state of Final Fantasy 16 graphics? Do you think it looks fine visually? Tell us in the comments below.

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