Sprint playbook leaked – HTC Touch Pro coming October 19th



Author Surur // in News, Rumour

After the Touch Diamond went official we thought the Sprint leaks were at the end, but of course there is always another phone. The other phone in this case is the HTC Touch Pro, the QWERTY version of the HTC Touch Diamond, which, according to this screen shot taken from Sprint’s system, is due to come out on the 19th October 2008 and will be available for $579.99 without contract, and $329 with a two year contract. The Touch Diamond will be $549.99 without a new contract and $249.99 with a 2 year contract.

Poster sde780 from Sprintuser.com has leaked the pictures, and other posters there have said another device, the Samsung Rant coming on the same day as the HTC Touch Pro will also be a Windows Mobile device which resembles the Samsung i780. This is likely doubtful however.

Join the thread over at Sprintusers.com for more information.

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