With games like NBA 2K21, Demon’s SoulsGodfall and more raising their prices from $60 to $70 for the next generation of gaming,  many are unsure if they can afford to continue what is already a rather expensive hobby. However, Sony had reportedly planned to charge even more for next-gen titles.  

Revealed through a report by Bloomberg, the PlayStation company had previously wanted to further increase prices of future software above the upcoming $70 new standards to further combat the rising cost of AAA game development.

The report claims that Sony initially planned to charge above $70 but the negative reception to the initial $10 increase has already caused concern.

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

In the UK, Sony didn’t charge the regional equivalent of the $70 price.  Instead of charging approximately £55, games were priced at a full £70, just over $90.

Since then, certain retailers have started to decrease the price of PlayStation 5 software before the next-gen console launch,  bringing some titles closer to what they should be in the UK.