Sonos desktop controller for Windows updated with new look and feel

Sonos today released its updated Sonos desktop controller for Windows. This update comes with an all-new design for the app bringing it a bit closer to the look and feel of the Sonos mobile app for iOS and Android. Till now, Sonos desktop controller was a fully featured Sonos controller with support for setting up or transferring a system, adding a player to existing system and more. Because of low usage numbers, Sonos is planning to remove a number of features from the Sonos desktop controller for Windows. The following features will be removed from the app:

  • Setting up or transferring a system
  • Adding a player to existing system
  • The ability to bond/unbond players (surrounds, stereo pairs, or adding a Sub).
  • Registering players
  • TV setup for Beam, Playbase, and Playbar
  • Enabling parental controls
  • Network settings and management
  • Line-in settings
  • Renaming a Room
  • Opting in or out of a beta program
  • Resetting your Sonos account password (you can still do so on a computer via

You can still use the desktop controller to control playback, grouping, and other basic stuff. You can also use it to set up a music share for local libraries and to manually add radio stations. Find the other changes included in this update below.

  • Automatic player updates: effortlessly keep your system on the latest software by setting your Sonos players to download and install new versions at times when you’re not listening.
  • Set a maximum volume in any room and prevent players from exceeding your desired volume level. Max volume is perfect for limiting volume levels in children’s rooms or shared spaces.
  • This version adds software support for the forthcoming Sonos Amp.
  • The app will now prompt you to remove your iPhone or iPad’s case when performing Trueplay tuning.
  • It is now possible to disable a player’s built-in wireless using the Sonos App. The player must be hard-wired in order to enable the option and disconnecting its hard wire will re-enable the player’s built-in wireless.

You can download the updated Sonos desktop controller here.